While coaching offers individual support for body, mind and spirit, Courage & Renewal® retreats and other programs offer a way to deepen your connection with both selfhood and others.

In the fullness of your life, amidst the clamor of the world, it is important to discover that you are not alone!

Whether you’re seeking stillness and clarity, discovering the meaning and purpose you’re longing for, or pursuing tools and practices that can help you to transform your life – showing up with integrity can sometimes feel isolating challenging.

Come alive!  

Through Circle of Trust® retreats and other programs rooted in the Courage & Renewal® approach, we will nurture supportive communities of reflection and practice to help you get revitalized with a renewed sense of purpose, build trustworthy relationships, and cultivate the courage to rise to today’s challenges, making a difference in your life, your home, your community, and your work place.

“The retreats and programs that Marcia builds are crafted with such care and expertise that you don’t even notice the quiet blossoming of hope and integrity and clarity they invite…until the evening is over and you turn to go, feeling like a tender growing thing at winter’s end, stretching inexorably toward the sun.”

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