As the demands of contemporary living only seem to increase, my approach to coaching helps address that growing gap between who you believe you are currently and how you want to be in your personal and professional life. 

I’m eager to soulfully support your path as you…

  • Meet transitions and challenges with calmness and strength.
  • Discover how to set healthy boundaries.
  • Pursue a sense of purpose with vision and excitement.
  • Learn how to hold difficulties and life’s tensions with stamina and grace.
  • Compose a creative life with mindful attention, authenticity, and joy as your compass.

I see you and I hear you!

I integrate creative reflection with patience, keen listening, insight and energy.  As a result, I have earned a reputation for a unique ability to be present through your difficulties, to serve as a guide on the side, and to listen into the story that leads to the path of a new way of being.

What might you expect? 

We’ll begin with a free-of-charge conversation to find out if my offerings are a good fit with your hopes. Next, we’ll schedule our first meeting to inform an in-depth crafting of your program and discover why it is important to you. With this foundation, I will prepare an approach tailored just for you – mindfully designed to suit your needs.  

Here’s how it works:

We begin with a 60-minute session to get more deeply acquainted, explore what it is you are longing for, why it matters and what is standing in the way of realizing your potential in a specific area of interest.

60-minute OFFER Session

  • Drawing on the foundations of Integral Coaching™ and Courage & Renewal® principles and practices I will offer a compassionate and concise assessment of your Current Way of approaching this topic, as well as what may be serving and limiting you. I’ll introduce an inspiring New Way designed to focus and support development in this area, outlining an approach that grounds this work in a set of key developmental objectives and illuminates the path to take you from where you are to where you’re going.

Three 60-minute Supportive Sessions

  • During Sessions: We will review and explore what is arising for you and make the connections between what you are experiencing and how to use that newfound knowledge to influence growth. At the end of each session, we will co-create a new practice for you to work with, designed to support and focus your development in just the right places, scaled and adjusted to fit your progress at the right time.

Between Sessions: 

  • You will commit to engaging in the practices we design together to help you build awareness and capacity.I will be available for a “check-in” for accountability and support if you wish. I’m not looking over your shoulder; I want you to receive my support and guidance when you most need it.
  • If you welcome it, I’ll offer additional herbal support if it aligns with your particular concern.

60 Minute COMPLETION Session

  • This session gives us a chance to take in and celebrate all that you have accomplished, allowing you to underline your growth and feel the fullness of what has changed for you. We will explore how to maintain the momentum you have generated and prepare for potential challenges as you go solo.

Sessions can be conducted in person, or via phone or Zoom.

Fee: $900

Do you need a sliding scale? Let’s discuss it during our first call!