Vitality. Creativity. Wholeness.

It’s within reach!

Have the demands of your day overtaken your life, so you feel like an automaton? Are you getting swallowed up, finding it difficult to hear that quiet voice of wisdom inside you amidst the clammer and clutter?

I’m Marcia Eames-Sheavly. I work with busy people with full plates who sense they have an unlived life that is out of reach, and they long for clarity about how to find the meaning, authenticity, and rejuvenation that is waiting like a huge, wild invitation just around the corner…

I want to be your guide on the side as you reclaim your life and experience more joy, beauty, and energy – and perhaps most importantly, so you can lean into your calling and serve this world that so badly needs you.

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Participating in this kind of work with Marcia is like dropping a pebble in the lake of your life — its splash is only quiet music, and it settles right in to make a space for itself where it lands, but its ripples spread across your whole being, with a gentle, lapping insistence that reminds you: I am more than I knew.